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Brain Octane oil and XCT oil to be exact!

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Brain Octane oil and XCT oil to be exact!

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:57 am

Brain Octane oil and XCT oil to be exact!

And they're 10% OFF!

Brain Octane and XCT are core building blocks of the Bulletproof Diet! We couldn't be more excited to help everyone jump-start their New Year resolutions by providing products that truly make a difference, and more importantly, Brain Octane and XCT is 100% derived from sustainable coconut oil!

Safe. Natural. Effective! Shocked

So what's makes the "new" Brain Octane and XCT oils different?

To be clear, the nutritional impact hasn’t changed - if you've tried Brain Octane or XCT already, you'll experience the exact same clean ketone-fueled energy.

Which is better – XCT or Brain Octane?

Bulletproof XCT gives you a mixture of the two most potent MCT fats – known as caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10), while Brain Octane contains only the caprylic (C8) variety.

So, what’s the difference?

Out of these two MCT super-fats, the C8 variety breaks down into energy-fueling ketones even faster than the C10…

Meaning that 100% pure C8 will give you the absolute fastest burst of mental energy.

However, it’s also the rarest of the two - there’s less C8 than C10 in coconut oil, so C8 ends up being a bit more expensive.

Either one will give you a much faster performance boost than coconut oil or conventional "MCT oil", and you can even mix the two together to create your own custom blend!

Rule of thumb: Use Brain Octane anytime your number one priority is fast mental energy (like your morning Bulletproof Coffee).  And economize by trying XCT in recipes like salad dressings, soups and shakes later on in the day for a metabolism boost.

Check out the link here: CLICK HERE


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